Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education

  • School teachers of primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools working in any recognized school in the Indian Union under the following categories are eligible to apply:
  • (a) Schools run by State Govt./UTs Administration, schools run by local bodies, private schools affiliated to state boards, aided by State Govt. and UT Administration.
  • (b) Central Govt. Schools i.e. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), Schools under the Central Tibetan Schools Administration (CTSA), Sainik Schools and Schools run by Ministry of Defence (MoD), Schools run by Atomic Energy Education Society (AEES).
  • (c) Schools under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) (Other than those at (a), (b) above)
  • (d) Schools affiliated to the Council for Indian Schools Certificate Examination (CISCE) (Other than those at (a), (b) above)
Three awards for each large State
(Defined as States having teacher strength of 1 lakh or more)
14x3= 42
Two awards for each small State
(Defined as States whose teacher’s strength is less than1 lakh)
14x2= 28
One award for each UT 9x1= 9
Two awards each for KVS &NVS 2x2= 4
Three awards for CBSE 3
One award for CISCE 1
One award for CTSA 1
One award for Sainik School and Schools under MoD 1
One award for schools under AEES 1
Total 90

*As the award is being given together for the years 2018 and 2019, total number of awards available is 90 x 2 - 180

Each awardee teacher will get an ICT Kit, a laptop and a commendation certificate. The awardees would be encouraged to function as mentors (resource persons) for their area to motivate and train other teachers. All the awardees will form a community of resource persons through networking. Selected initiatives would be shared as best practices across the country.

After the prescribed deadline for online self-nomination, a State/UT level Committee headed by ( i.Secretary (School Education)or a nominee as a chairperson, ii.SPD(Samagra Shiksha) or a nominee, iii Director(SCERT/SIE or a nominee), iv.Two experts in the field of ICT nominated by Secretary (School Education) ) will scrutinize all the entries and shortlist the candidates, and forward the same to the Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi - 110016 for further action. The number of candidates to be nominated separately for both the years 2018 and 2019 will be twice the number of awards allotted to that State/UT.

All such candidates would be required to make presentations before a Jury at the National level. The Jury will then select and recommend the candidates for the ICT Award.

Teachers will register on the portal and apply online. A Committee under the Head of the organization(i. Chairperson/Director/Commissioner/Head of the organization as chairperson, ii. One officer from the organization nominated by the chairperson, iii. Two experts in the field of ICT nominated by Secretary (School Education)),of the autonomous body (i.e. KVS, NVS, CBSE, CISCE, CTSA, Sainik Schools, AEES) will scrutinize all the entries and shortlist the candidates and send the same to The Joint Director, CIET, NCERT New Delhi - 110016 for further action. The number of candidates to be nominated separately for both the years 2018 and 2019 will be twice the number of awards allotted to each organization.

Director, NCERT - Chairman
DDG, NIC - MeiTy Member
Representative from Secondary Education Bureau, Dept of SE&L, Ministry of Education- Member
Representative from Dept of IT - MeiTy Member
Joint Director, CIET - NCERT Member Secretary

(IV). The Committee would recommend the requisite number of awardees to the Ministry with justification. At the Ministry level the proposal would be scrutinized before the approval of the Minister.

Item Tentative Date
Opening of the portal for nomination including announcement on website of Ministry and NCERT website. 15 September 2020
Last date for submission of detailed entries by teachers from State/UT/Organization 31 October 2020
Scrutiny and forwarding of short listed candidates by State Govt./UT/Organizations with Minutes to The Joint Director, CIET-NCERT, New Delhi- 110016 4 January 2021
National Level Jury Committee Meeting 05-09 February 2021

  • Every teacher who wants to apply has to register on the portal and fill in all the details.
  • The online application form includes questions that seek evidence of the teacher’s awareness and use of ICT in his/ her own professional development, in improving his/ her teaching- learning, and in enhancing overall quality of education in schools and community.
  • The teacher should document in the form of PDF files of videos and upload the same on the portal showcasing sustained systematic work using ICT over the years related to creation, duration, sharing, dissemination/use of digital contents for students, teaching – learning and assessment. It should include relevant supporting documents, tools, reports of activities, field visits, photographs, audios or videos
  • E-contents mentioned in the online application (Audios, Videos, Multimedia, Charts, Maps, Models lesson plans and images) may be uploaded/ shared online. e-Contents developed by teachers needs to be uploaded on DIKSHA, NROER, etc.
Category A: Objective Criteria
Criteria Maximum Marks
Whether the teacher used ICT for continuous professional development of self and other stakeholders? This can include completion of an online course from SWAYAM or any other MOOCS platform. 3
Whether the teacher contributed in mobilization of resources (crowd-funding, encouraging community, parents, alumni etc. to contribute) for creation of ICT infrastructure (Software, Hardware and Systems) in the school? 3
Whether the teacher developed and published/disseminated E-contents through DIKSHA, NROER, YouTube, any other LMS, web portal or mobile App? 3
Whether the teacher contributed in development of any web portal, mobile app, LMS etc. for teaching-learning–assessment? 2
Whether the teacher contributed in development of any innovative software or hardware useful for teaching-learning–assessment?. 2
Design and implementation of innovation ICT enabled teaching – learning – assessment methods, strategies
i) How the teacher/educator has helped students in use of ICT for self learning, investigation, experimentation?
ii) How the teacher/educator has helped in achieving 21st Century skills – cooperation, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, integration?
iii) How the teacher/educator has helped students in assessment and evaluation using ICT (Rubrics, portfolio etc.) and achieving higher order thinking skills?
iv) How the teacher/educator has helped enhancing learning outcomes among students through integration of content, pedagogy and technology?
Whether the teacher made any contribution towards use of ICT for community development at large and for bridging the digital divide? 2
Whether the teacher made any contribution in promoting health and well being through ICT (Guidance and Counseling, Yoga services)? 2
Whether the teacher made any contribution in liberating technology for CWSN and using assistive technologies for helping DIVYANG 2
Annual Performance Appraisal Reports or other performance appraisal tools of last 2 years 2
Subtotal 25
Category B: Criteria based on performance
Criteria Maximum Marks
Describe an ICT activity you have done, which showcases your best use of ICT for Education (attach supporting evidence, if any). The write up should highlight the educational issues, integration of ICT tools, e-resources and students involvement in ICT integration. 20
How have you helped students to use ICTs for self-learning, cooperative/ collaborative learning, investigation, experimentation, development of higher order thinking skills? 15
How has ICT helped you in your own professional growth? Describe how it has helped you improve as a teacher. 10
What are the various assessment strategies adopted by you in the regular class room teaching which indicate the impact of ICT use? Attach samples of your work related to ICT integration 10
What has been the overall impact of your use of ICT in Teaching – Learning Process? What has been your contribution to the school with respect to ICT integration? 10
What are your future plans about ICT integration and enhancing quality of education? 10
Subtotal 75
Grand total 100

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