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Ministry of Education
1. How many Awards are to be given each year?

Every year, a total 90 awards are to be given to teachers for their innovative use of ICT in teaching-learning and Assessment. Since this year, entries are invited for the years 2018 and 2019, so there are a total of 90 + 90 = 180 awards to be given.

2. Who can apply?

Any school teacher of Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary schools working in any recognized school in the Indian Union is eligible to apply.

3. Can School Head/Principal also apply?

Yes. School Head/Principal, Physical Trainer, Sports Teacher, Librarian can also apply for the award.

4. Since the award is to be given for two years (2018 and 2019), do I need to apply twice?

No. You need to apply only once.

5. What is given as award?

Each awardee teacher will get an ICT kit, a Laptop and a commendation certificate. The awardees will be encouraged to function as mentors (resource persons) for their area to motivate and train other teachers. All the awardees will form a community of resource persons through networking. Selected initiatives would be shared as best practices across the country.

6. How to apply?

First you need to register yourself on the portal by providing your mobile number or email id, and choosing a password. After registration, you can login and apply online by answering different questions on the portal. The portal has option to upload your worked a pdf file or video also.

7. How to upload video and documents (pdf files) on the portal?

The easiest way to upload video is to first upload your video(s) on YouTube and then provide the YouTube video link on the portal You can upload your documents on a Google drive and share the Google drive link of your pdf documents on the portal.

8. Who can nominate a teacher?

It is a self-nominating Award. Any teachers can apply directly by filling the application form online through the web portal before the prescribed cut-off date.

9. Who are not eligible for the award?

Retired teachers who have not served at least a part of the calendar year - at least for four months in the year to which the ICT Award relates (2018 or 2019). Teacher/Headmasters who have indulged in tuitions. Contractual Teachers and Shiksha Mitras are also not eligible.

10. What are the evaluation criteria for the applications?

The applicants will be evaluated based on the evaluation matrix consists of two types of criterion: Objective criteria: Under this the teachers will be awarded marks against each of the objective criteria. These criteria are given the weightage of 25 out of 100. Criteria based on performance: Under this, teachers will be awarded marks on detailed description of the work done towards integration of ICT in teaching-learning, along with samples of work done, or other documentary evidences, wherever possible. These criteria are given the weightage of 75 out of 100.

11. What happens next after I have nominated myself?

After the prescribed deadline for self-nomination,the State-level Committee headed by Secretary (School Education) / SPD - Samagra Shiksha, Director, SCERT / SIE, two experts in the field of ICT nominated by Secretary (School Education) will scrutinize all the entries and shortlist the candidates, and forward the same to the Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi - 110016 for further action. The number of candidates to be nominated will be twice the number of awards allotted to that State/UT/Organization. All such candidates would be required to make presentations before a Jury at the National level. The Jury will then select the candidates for the ICT Award.

12. What are the important timelines of this process?

Opening of the portal for nomination including announcement on website of Ministry and NCERT website: 15 September 2020
Last date for submission of detailed entries by teachers from State/UT/Organization :31 October 2020
Scrutiny and forwarding of short listed candidates by State Govt./UT/Organizations with Minutes to The Joint Director, CIET-NCERT, New Delhi- 110016 : 4 January 2021
National Level Jury Committee Meeting : 05-09 February 2021

13. Where can I obtain a nomination form?

This is an online self-nomination process. The applicant has to register themselves on a web portal welcome.aspx to apply for the Award. There is no separate physical application form to be filled.

14. After applying online, should I send the hardcopy also?

No. You don’t have to send anything in hardcopy. Whatever you want to submit as your claim regarding use of ICT, upload them online. If required, you can scan documents and upload them.

15. What are the different sections of the application that i need to fill to nominate myself?

Upon registering themselves, the applicant has to fill 4 different sections of the application: Primary Information, School Information, Applicants profile, and the Objective and Criteria based questions. Upon completing all the sections, the applicant can submit their application online, thus nominating themselves for the Award.

16. Should the application be completed at the same time as registration? Should I answer every question in one go?

No. The application can be completed in different times. The applicant can save the information as when he/she is uploading them. The next time, the applicant needs to simply login using the username/mobile number and password, and can continue where he/she left last time.

17. I forgot my username. How do I login?

One can use their mobile number to login into their application if he/she has forgotten their username

18. I forgot my Password. How do I login?

Yes. The applicant can retrieve their password by providing their User ID/ Mobile number.

19. Can I review my application before submission?

Yes, the applicant can review their application before final submission. But, after the final submission, the applicant cannot change the information provided by them.

20. Is there a email help-desk for the applicants?

Yes, there is an email help desk. For any query drop an email to

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